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The Best Ugg Boots Are Genuine Ugg Boots

Boots are an essential part of any man or woman's wardrobe. The huge range of styles and fashions means there is no excuse not to own at least a couple of pairs. There are knee high boots and there are ankle boots and various shapes and sizes in between.

Sheepskin lined boots are particularly in vogue at the moment and with an unusually cold winter they are ideally worn with any sort of clothing. Boots need not just be for the winter as there are some highly fashionable designs that look sensational all year around. Long slim and elegant boots on a woman with good legs can be very eye catching and this look is often used by marketing men when trying to promote manufactured goods as diverse as new cars to sporting events.

The diversity of designs over the age of boots has been staggering. If you take the definition of a boot as being a shoe which fits completely over the whole ankle and can be short or higher than the knee, then there is evidence of the boot existing in ancient Greek times.

Just take a look at one particular brand like Ugg boots and you will see the diversity of design. Make sure they are genuine Ugg boots as like any good quality product there may be fakes coming onto the market. The word 'boot' is one of those words which can have many different meanings. You 'boot' up your computer and you 'put the boot in'. Those are just two examples of boot other than the obvious one of footwear.

In the Wild West, many a cowboy ended up on boot hill. The origin of this euphemism for a graveyard was that a man, who died violently and most probably by a gun bullet, would still be wearing his boots. In any old church or cathedral in the United Kingdom, there are often clues to the way a man died from the position of his carved likeness upon his tomb. Throughout the time of the great crusades many knights killed in battle were returned to their home and honoured with spectacular tombs. If the knight is depicted with his sword in his hands and his boots on then he had been killed in battle. If his boots rest on top of a dog then this indicates he died peacefully at his home. There are countless other examples of methods used to describe the way a man died.

Sometimes, when an old soldier dies, his horse is led by a member of his regiment to his place of rest. In the stirrups on the horse, the old soldier's boots are reversed with the soles of the boots pointing upwards. This practice began appropriately enough with the funeral procession of The Duke of Wellington, a man who famously designed his own type of boot.