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Choosing the Right Authentic Watches for Accessorizing

An outfit is only good as its accessories. You could have the most amazing suit on or a stunning dress, but it's missing something if you don't accessorize. Throw on the right necklace or watch and suddenly your look goes from great to wow. The great thing about using authentic watches is that they can be used easily for both men and women. Not all men want to wear jewelry, but watches for men are rugged and manly enough that any guys will wear one. So it's good to know just how to accessorize with watches.

You should consider metals along with your skin tone. For cool skin tones, silvers and white gold work best. For warmer tones, gold, copper, and bronze will look awesome against your complexion. You can also match metals with other jewelry you are wearing. Women may want to match their discount watches with their necklaces, rings, even earrings. Matching bracelets to a watch and wearing them on the same wrist makes for a chunky, eclectic style.

When matching to clothing, you don't want everything to look too streamlined or to match perfectly. If you are wearing the same shade of purple head to toe, plus your purple Guess watch, you are going to look a bit foolish. Match your watch with a different shade of the same color, or with something similar in the color wheel. If you are feeling bold, wear a color that would be found at the opposite side of the color wheel than the main color you are wearing. Your discount watch will really stand out to everyone then.

You can also accessorize with watches based on your hair color. Silver and gold work well for blonde hair. You can choose gold and other bright colors to contrast well with brown hair. Purples, blues, oranges and reds are fun colors to play with here if you have dark hair. For red or gray hair, silver discount watches and accessories are the best.

When shopping for your next Tag Heuer watch, or whatever brand you choose, consider how it will work with a majority of your outfits, your complexion, and your hair. If you want a watch you can wear with anything, then go with a basic gold or silver without too much extra going on in the style or design. That can be your go to when you just don't want to think too hard about what works best!